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Convention Call - 2024

    The Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union 2024 Convention will be held from May 03 - May 05, 2024 in Pittsburgh, PA.  There will be a Tri-State Educational Seminar immediately preceding the convetion.

    The Convention will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at 1 Bigelow Square.  You can make reservations by calling 1-800-8667, or the hotel direct line at 412-281-5800.  Mention booking code "PWC" or "Postal Workers convention to get the negoiated room rate of $159.00 for a single or double room.  Rates are good from Wednesday, May 1st through Sunday, May 05, 2024.

Important Information
PPWU Convention Announcement Letter
Convention Scheule
Convention Registration Form
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PPWU Scholarship Rules Updated

    The Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union has revised the rules for applicants seeking the John T. Boxler scholarship.  You can read the rules, and download an application HERE.

    The Deadline to submit an application for the scholarship is May 1st 


APWU Workplace Enviornment Surveys:  Did You Complete Yours?

    Postal workers, like all workers, deserve a job where we can show up, safely do our work, and clock out knowing that we put in a good day’s work. But a vicious cycle of toxic work culture and short staffing is hurting postal workers and the communities we serve.  We are speaking up together to demand dignity and respect from postal management so that we can end the short-staffing crisis, stop toxic management practices, and keep delivering a strong public Postal Service.

     How can get involved? 

  • Wear a sticker!  Three stickers are available in the designs above.  Let management know how you feel!  (note:  clerks should not wear the stickers while working the window)

  • Take the Workplace Environment Survey!  This is not USPS's silly "Voice of the Employee" which should be boycotted.  This survey was prepared by, and for, the APWU to give members accross the country a chance to tell us the good, bad, and ugly, about their facility.  The more surveys submitted, the better picture we will get and we can identify problem offices and managers.  You can submit the survey anonymously, but we do need to know what office you work in.  You can complete the survey online!  Click here to take the survey online!

  • Record a Video!  Take a minute to record a video sharing how ending hostile workplaces in USPS facilities can help you deliver better services.  Click here to record a video!

Net-to-Bank (Direct Deposit) & Allotments Available on Liteblue / PostalEase 

    Charlie Cash,  APWU Director of Industrial Relations, reports that access to Net-to-Bank and allotments is once again available on liteblue.  Both features were locked as a result of the hacking scams going around in late 2022.  The USPS has re-opened these options for a short time in January 2023, but quickly closed them again as there were still concerns about security.  Employee should now have full access to make changes to their allotments or direct deposit.

eOPF access blocked - Employees Can Request Hard Copies

     The USPS has blocked access to employee personell folders (eOPF) on liteblue due to concerns about security.  The documents in an employees OPF contain sensitive information (i.e. social security numbers, former addresses, maiden names, date of birth, high school attended, etc...)  Some of this information is the kind used for security questions to reset passwords for online accounts.

     The Postal Service has employed an Artifical Intelligence (AI) program to scour the eOPF documents of all employees.  The AI program is redacting, and obscuring, sensitive information.  However, the AI program cannot identify hand-written information.  As a result, the USPS must review the eOPF for every employee and manually redact any information the AI program may have missed.  The USPS indicates it may take six months, or more, to complete this process.  Until that time, the eOPF feature will be unavailable.

      The USPS has indictaed that employee may request printed copies of their eOPF, at no charge, by contacting their district office:  From the USPS "Employees may request a copy of their eOPFs in person or in writing to their district Human Resource Office.    If the request is made in writing, they will be requested to provide proof of identity.  No charges will be assessed of active employees for requested copies of hard copies of their eOPFs while the eOPF system remains unavailable due to security upgrades."  The Postal Service has provided the following contact information for eOPF requests.

District Contact email Phone Address
PA-1 Lori Price lori.a.price@usps.gov 412-359-7687 1001 California Ave
Pittsburgh, PA  15290-9998
DE-PA2 Julie Campbell julie.campbell@usps.gov 215-863-5034 3190 S 70th St
Philadelphia, PA  19053-9994

April 21 - 26, 2024
Morgantown, WV
more info
May 2 -3, 2024
Pittsburgh, PA
May 3 - 5, 2024
Pittsburgh, PA
July 13 - 14, 2024
Detroit, MI
July 15-18, 2024
Detroit, MI

FMLA - Employee
FMLA - Family Member


Caroline Aguilar
PSE - Cooksburg
Melodic Atherton
PSE - Calvin
Cynthia Barbedette
PSE - Port Carbon
Hailey Felisner
PSE - East Smithfield
Kaitlyn Flaherty
PSE - Rehrersburg
Laura Gumble
PSE - Paupak
Christa Guthrie
PSE - Tylersburg
Geoffrey Isenburg
PSE - Burlington
Amie Kent
Career - Gouldsboro
Susan Kinsella
PSE - Shanksville
Marisa Klinger
PSE - Honesdale
Vicki Mains
PSE - Montrose
Keegan McNeal
PSE - Towanda
Andrew Nemours
PSE - Albrightsville
Konora Pettis
PSE - Hop Bottom
Melissa Rothermel
PSE - Strausstown
Michaela Shaw
PSE - Spruce Creek
Jeffrey Smith
PSE - Little Meadows
Janiele Smith-Harvey
Career - Meshoppen
Taina Sweitzer
PSE - Millheim
Rachel Sweigert
PSE - Hopewell
Ericka Winklebleck
PSE - Archibald
Tisha Bryant
Career - Summit Hill
Luke Zebroaski
PSE - Ponytelle

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